The Roller brackets ТМ SMART TECH model HILL-M1

Roller bracket for radiator

The universal reinforced roller bracket is designed for mobile use of SMART TECH iRad-5/10 heat sinks. The bracket is attached to the radiator using U-shaped brackets (included). The design of the bracket allows to increase the natural convection of the radiator by observing the distance from the floor, which is equal to 12 cm. This factor contributes to better and faster heating of the room.


Complete set: Racking: Roller bracket – 2 pcs.
Type: Radiator mounts
Maximum load: 70 kg.
Material: Steel, plastic.
Weight: 1.17 kg.
White color
Dimensions (HxWxD): 15x4x24 cm.
Dimensions in the package (HxWxD): 24x27x4.5 cm.

Warranty: 36 months manufacturer warranty

Country of origin: Ukraine
Price – 700 UAH