Heat-reflective screens STS-5 and STS-10

Heat shields with aluminum foil STS-5 / STS-10 are designed for use with heating devices (radiators). The efficiency of the heating system at the same time increases by 20 – 30%, due to the return of heat flow back to the room. Foamed polyethylene contains air, provides high thermal resistance of walls without significant increase in their thickness. Can be installed in any type of building. The screen is chemically resistant, environmentally friendly, does not absorb moisture. The temperature in the room is increased by 2-3 ° C due to the installation of the heat-reflecting screen.°С.

Heat-reflective screen STS-5 STS-10
Material Foil aluminum, expanded polyethylene
Dimensions, cm 49.5 х 40 х 0.5 49.5 х 80 х 0.5
Weight, g 38 75
Price 120 UAH 170 UAH

Package: Heat-reflecting screen – 1 pc.

Warranty: 36 months manufacturer warrantyHeat-reflective screen

Country of origin: Ukraine