Electric radiator iRad-5, iRad-10: economical electric heating

Radiators in the interior

Stand-alone intelligent heating systems TM SMART TECH – economical electric heaters of a new generation. Modern and economical solution to the problem of heating of any type of premises. It does not require the production of design documents, boiler use, pipe laying, wall slashing, etc. The customer receives only radiators equipped with unique electrical equipment.

ECONOMY: No one kilowatt will be wasted due to “smart” electronics (digital thermoregulator based on ARM Cortex-M0 microcontroller  manufactured by STMicroelectronics). Heating is switched on automatically as needed (climate control), and electricity consumption depends only on the set room temperature and heat loss in the building.

ENVIRONMENT AND SAFETY: Electro-radiators with a heat-transfer fluid operate noiselessly, are completely hermetic and do not overdry the air, it is allowed to cover fabrics (you can dry clothes). IRad-5/10 has a high degree of safety due to low power consumption, limiting the surface temperature of the radiator (no more than 72 ° C), electronic control, and independent protection against overheating. The heating element of the radiators uses high-quality nichrome produced by Kanthal (SRadiators in the roomweden) and the MgO re-manufactured in the UK.

EASY TO USE: Enable, set the temperature and … forget! The temperature is set in each room individually with an accuracy of 0.5 ° C (external temperature sensor). It is also possible to limit the surface temperature of any radiator (in the children’s room, next to furniture, etc.).

SIMPLE IN INSTALLATION: The electric radiator is mounted on the wall using brackets SHR-03, to the floor using HILL-M2 brackets or HILL-M1 rollers as a mobile heat source (not included). To increase the efficiency of the heating system by 20 to 30%, a heat shield with aluminum foil STS-5/STS-10 is used. Due to the consumption of electric power in 1200W there is no overload of the common electric network, which ultimately allows using the electric radiator practically in all rooms without additional network modernization. If necessary, the heating system can easily be moved to another object.

 Model of electric radiator iRad-5 Wi-Fi ready iRad-10 Wi-Fi ready
Number of sections 5 10

Electronic thermostat with display. Support external wireless control module FC-1

Modes of operation

Standard, frost protection, delayed heating (switch-on timer), temporary heating (switch-off timer), daily timer (cyclic day-night temperature change)

РThe recommended heating area (ceiling to 2.7 m.) up to 10 sq. m up to 20 sq. m
Power 650 W 1200 W
Area of ​​heat transfer of radiator surface 2.25 sq. m/td> 4.5 sq. m
Thermal power at Δt=70°C 950 W 1900 W
Average power consumption for a total heating area 0.22 kWh per hour

158 kWh per month

0.44 kWh per hour

317 kWh per month

Range of room temperature control

4 … 30 ° С

Range of radiator temperature control

15 … 72 ° С

IP Rating


Operating voltage

220 В (50Гц)

Heat carrier Veltherm 20 Veltherm 20
Dimensions (HxWxD), cm 56 х 47 х 9.6 56 х 86 х 9.6
Weight, kg 9.3 17.2
Weight in package, kg 9.7 18.3
Price 5 900 UAH 7 900 UAH

Mounting: on the wall, on the floor

Material: bimetal (aluminum, steel)

White color

Warranty: 36 months manufacturer warranty

Country of origin of goods: Ukraine

Safety and reliability of the radiator are confirmed by certificates of expertise and compliance, and also checked by specialists of Smart Life LLC