Axentia 2.5M Laundry dryer

Laundry dryer

Suspended dryer Axentia 2.5M is a universal small assistant for housewives, because thanks to it you can dry clothes even in a small apartment, fixing it for a battery, a balcony, a window sill, installing on the door or the side of the bath. Ideal choise for the TM SMART TECH iRad-10 electric radiator. The Axentia 2.5M has a simple and easy-to-use, not large 51×21 cm design, which does not require much storage space. It offers 5 rods for laying clothes with a total length of drying rods 2.5 meters. The hanging dryer is made of high-quality materials capable of withstanding permissible loads and designed for a long service life.


Equipment: Dryer for linen – 1 pc.
View: Hanging clothes dryer
Maximum load: 3 kg.
Material: Steel, plastic
Weight: 0.25 kg.
White color
Dimensions (HxWxD): 15x51x21 cm.

Warranty: 12 months manufacturer warranty

Country of origin: Germany

Price – 85 UAH