Accessories for radiators

As trifles make life better, so our accessories add to your heating system, although not the most important, but the necessary and convenient parts that will simplify the installation and movement of radiators, improve their efficiency and save your wallet.

The FC-1 remote control module allows you to control the radiator from any corner of the world, for example, allows you to warm up the room in advance before your arrival or reduce the air temperature in the room, if you have already left it.

heat-reflective screen SMART TECH STS-5 and STS-10 Heat-reflective screens For radiators iRad-5 and iRad-10 respectively. The heat-reflecting screen is fixed to the wall on a self-adhesive base and reflects the infrared radiation of the radiator, falling on the wall, back to the room. This allows for an equal power of the radiator to obtain an increase in efficiency of up to 20-30%.

The HILL-M1 Roller brackets will help you easily move Roller brackets
the radiator to the right place, brackets HILL-M2 will help to attach the radiator to the floor.

The SHR-03 Mounting Brackets for wall mounting of electric radiators allow simple and reliable fixing of the heater on walls made of various materials.

The safe temperature of the radiators to 72 degrees allows you to dry them on the laundry. For this, we recommend The Axentia 2.5M and Axentia 3M Laundry dryers.